Shun Yuen Construction Company Limited was established in the 1970's and has since then developed to become a strong competitor in major Civil Engineering Works including Roads and Drainage Works, Site Formation Works, General Building Works, Waterworks, Slope Works and Public Utilities Works. The Company has been aggressively participating in major local civil engineering markets and providing construction and other civil engineering maintenance services to both the public and private sectors.

Shun Yuen specializes in civil engineering construction and has earned reputation of reliable management and quality output from the clients. Over the successful years, the Company has grown to a size of over 1,000 staff with wide spectrum of expertise and experience. They are competent and many of them are technical professionals.

Shun Yuen is your best partner in civil engineering construction and maintenance. Shun Yuen has extensive experience in construction, management, and financial control. Our company has established solid relationship with both government and private employers. With our belief in total commitment, we have been able to impress and have built up full confidence and satisfaction in our clients in engaging Shun Yuen as their construction partner.

Company Culture

Our Vision

We value people as important as the other technical considerations. We seek growth and improvement in parallel with our commitment on quality, safety and environmental protection. A set of corporate values that emphasizes the importance of people at individual level has been developed. Given our faith in people, communication and recognition, our commitment to expand, to compete and to serve for excellence can be honoured.

Awards & Recognition

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Shun Yuen is dedicated to total commitment in achieving the highest possible standards in construction safety, environment and workmanship. The Company's effort has been rewarded by consistently receiving commendations and merit awards on:

  • Safety Performance and Recognition
  • Best LPM Contractors
  • Best Construction Site Housekeeping
  • Innovative Safety Initiative
  • Project Quality and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Environmental Merit Award
  • Corporate Environmental Leadership Award
  • Friends of EcoPark

The awards were presented by various public and private sectors and organisations including the following:

  • Development Bureau
  • Environmental Bureau
  • Highways Department
  • Civil Engineering and Development Department
  • Drainage Services Department
  • Environmental Protection Department
  • Airport Authority Hong Kong
  • MTR Corporation Limited
  • Lands Department
  • Hong Kong Contractors Association