Shun Yuen has constructed successfully a portfolio of civil engineering projects covering both large scale, technically challenging ones to specialised highly constrained operation. Shun Yuen is fully competent in the following fields:

  • Roads and Drainage
  • Site Formation
  • Slope Works
  • Waterworks
  • General Building Works
  • Public Utilities

Shun Yuen has been included in the list of Approved Contractor as follows:

Approved Contractor for Public Works
  • Roads and Drainage - Group C
  • Site Formation - Group C (on probation)
  • Waterworks - Group A (on probation)

Approved Specialist Contractor for Public Works
  • Landslip Preventive / Remedial Works to Slopes / Retaining Walls

Contractor of Building Department
  • Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC)
  • Registered Specialist Contractor for Site Formation

Approved Contractor for Public Utilities, Private Sectors and Quasi-Government Organizations


Electrical and Mechanical Services Department


Airport Authority Hong Kong


MTR Corporation Limited


Urban Renewal Authority


CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


The Hong Kong Electric Company Limited


The Link Management Limited


The University of Hong Kong


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Hong Kong Housing Society


Construction Industry Council


Ocean Park Corporation


Hospital Authority